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Lease Pool

The ESNE lease pool provides top-quality oceanographic instruments and equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

The following items are available in our lease pool:

  • TSS DMS-05 motion sensor measuring heave, pitch and roll
  • Klein K3900 side scan sonar system
  • Edgetech 3100p portable sub-bottom profiling system with SB-424 towfish
  • Chesapeake Sonar Wiz 5 post processing software key for side scan and sub-bottom data
  • Nortek AWAC, Acoustic Waves and Currents profiler
  • Nortek 2MHZ Aquadopp profiler
  • VideoRay Pro4 ROV system
    • Long Cable for VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system (1,130' on Tether Deployment System)

If you are interested in leasing any of the above products, please call or email us for information on pricing and availability.

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