ESNE News Update
(May 2001)

Hardigg announces the addition of their "Quick Ship" products to the GSA Ecommerce online shopping area...

Hardigg announces that their long awaited GSA Ecommerce online shopping cart was launched on Friday, March 2nd, 2001.

The site is for Government Customers only. Hardigg will be selling Quick Ship cases, empty, foam filled or foam lined and the Footlocker case. The lead time for quantities of 9 or less is 3-5 days after receipt of order.

The lead time for quantities of 10 to 49 is 3-6 weeks. For any orders of 50 cases or more the customer will have to call for a lead time.

Only those customers whose email ends with .mil or .gov can enter automatically into the site.

Since our GSA contract already requires that GSA customers place their orders directly with Hardigg, we are confident that those same customers will find this time-saving service to be a convenient way to expedite their immediate container requirements. Hardigg will continue to direct customers who contact us through this site to our dealers for continuing support.

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