ESNE News Update
(January 2003)


Electronic Sales of New England now offers lease equipment...

ESNE now has lease equipment available for your convenience.  Current product offerings include:

  • Triton Elics Acquisition System loaded with ISIS software for analog and digital side scan and Delph Seismic software for use with analog or digital sub-bottom profilers. 

    Short Term Rate: $250/day
    Long Term Rate (>2 weeks): $200/day
  • Triton Elics Office Survey for post processing of data.  Two keys available:

    (1) ISIS Playback, Delph Map, and Bathy Pro
    (1) Delph Seismic Playback, Delph Map, and SGIS

    Rate for either key:  $99/day

  • RDI WorkHorse Sentinel 1200 kHz ADCP with bottom tracking.*

    Weekly Rate: $700
    Monthly Rate: $2500

    * can be upgraded to include Waves firmware software and pressure sensor.

Please contact Mark Warren for further details.