ESNE News Update
(June 13, 2001)


EPC Announces Their New 1086NT

EPC Labs, Inc. (Danvers, MA) is pleased to introduce the newest version of the popular 1086 Series of thermal gray scale printers.  The 1086NT has several new features, most notably an Ethernet Interface for logging data to Network Drives in XTF Format.  A new 32 Bit Pentium class CPU board optimizes data throughput and minimizes internal components.  Resolution has also been increased to 256 shades of gray.   A VGA Output allows operators to connect the 1086NT to a monitor to view the Operating System.  Other improvements include: Speed Correction, On-Line Help, Comprehensive GPS Interface, and Auto-annotation.  The 1086 Series is the industry standard for hard copy presentation of side-scan sonar and sub-bottom imagery. 

42A Cherry Hill Drive, Danvers, MA 01923 USA
TEL: (978) 777-1996 Ext: 15 FAX: (978) 777-3955 MOB: (508) 954-8220

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